Chris Brown to Potentially Travel via Con Air, Trial Delayed

Due to an incident that resulted in a trial for his bodyguard, Chris Brown’s own trial has been delayed.  Christopher Hollosy, Brown’s bodyguard, was in a recent confrontation on a Washington sidewalk; he punched a man, resulting in a bloody nose.  As a result, Hollosy has been placed on trial.  He pled guilty to assaulting the man and was ruled to be so.

Until the appeal of the bodyguard’s trial is complete, Brown’s turn in court has been delayed.  Therefore, the singer now faces another trip across the country via Con-Air—the federal transportation system for prisoners.  CNN recently completed an article to summarize Hollosy’s trial and Brown’s legal team’s insistence that he be allowed to make his own guarded way across the country.

        Chris Brown was jailed, awaiting judgment on a probation revocation hearing.  He was imprisoned as a result of failing to appear in his court-ordered rehabilitation program for his abuse of fellow singer Rihanna.  After the delay, the United States Marshalls have issued an assurance to a Los Angeles judge that they will return Brown to California, so he can continue to serve his time until his trial comes to term.  The Marshalls plan to use the Con-Air method of transportation to insure the safety of all involved.

However, Brown’s attorney—Mark Geragos—insists that the entire issue is being excessively overanalyzed.  Geragos believes that, since the bodyguard has admitted fault, Brown’s trial should be able to move forward.  If that isn’t possible, Geragos is also moving to plead to a judge to allow Brown to take different means of transportation than Con-Air back to Los Angeles.  The federal prisoner transportation system can be taxing—changing modes of transportation from airplanes to busses frequently, all whilst chained, heavily guarded and surrounded by fellow convicts.  Brown has made this trip a few times, as his trial continues to suffer delays.  Therefore, Geragos believes that with an assurance that he will be guarded, there should be no reason not to allow Brown to make his own way back across the country.  As he is currently in Washington with Brown, a colleague of Geragos will plead the case on his behalf.  The trail continues to await a date.

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