About Ari Pregen

Ari Pregen

Ari Pregen

Ari Pregen was born in 1983  in mercy hospital located in Coconut Grove.  He was raised in North Miami Beach, and he attended school in the area through elementary school.  Pregen recalls that he had an active childhood.  He was always out playing sports.  He enjoyed soccer, basketball, tennis, and was constantly at a practice.  During his childhood, Ari Pregen recalls spending time with his best friend, a fellow tennis player.  They enjoyed go-karting around the neighborhood and going to parties together.

He most admired his father growing up.  Pregen’s father was a very well known pediatrician in the community and loved by a lot of people. He recalls his father as being very involved in his childhood.

During his summers, Pregen attended a sleepaway camp in Maine called Camp Cedar.  He went there from ages 7 to 12, and Pregen enjoyed the time away from home and making new friends.

Ari Pregen went to high school at Nova University School, a small private college preparatory school located in Davie, Florida.  Ari Pregen was on the tennis team and was also part of the Mu Alpha Beta math honor society.  Pregen remembers his physics teacher, Raphael Arechabaleta, as being his favorite teacher. Arechabaleta was an immigrant from Cuba who had studied Chemistry and Physics in Russia.  He found himself in Florida after floating on a raft.  Ari Pregen liked that Archabaleta could speak Russian with his father.

Pregen went on to attend college at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he fell in love with hiking, mountain biking, and skiing.  He describes Colorado as a wonderland for a college kid.  After graduation, he traveled abroad and went back to Miami to attend law school.

After working for a foreclosure firm and for the state of Florida, Pregen is starting his own foreclosure and personal injury firm in 2014.